LOOKBOOK.nu: No Mythologies To Follow

I colored my hair.

My favorite snap. BOY LONDON. Manic Panic Enchanted Forest Hair Dye. RAINBOW HEAD. Diy white-shirt-dyed-to-grey with diy print. I made it. Chain necklace. FROM A HAT. My Favorite Black Trousers. OXYGEN.


LOOKBOOK.nu: Revolution

          We finally celebrated New Year again after few years had passed. If you guys are wondered what we did, my family prepared Japanese food for that day so we could try something new. We've been eating a lot of Korean food every occasion so stirring things up a bit will be great. Anyway, I've been lazy to continue posting on my blog that is why I don't have any posts during the holiday season. The reason for not posting is I have something bigger to follow on my future. I've been preparing and practicing for it and it's been 6 months since I started doing it. Time will tell in the future what I am doing so please don't expect a lot of blog posts for now but I won't stop taking pictures because I have a promise to finish. I have also thought of posting blog posts which consist of pictures and lesser texts. I hope you understand. Thank you!

Beanie with Ears. JAPANESE STREET VENDOR. Manic Panic Rock-It Red Hair Dye. RAINBOW HEAD. Basic Black Sweater. UNIQLO. Violet and Gray Flannel Shirt. THRIFTED. My Favorite Black Trousers. OXYGEN.



           This look is what I wore when I visited my previous school. I just caught up with my friends. We had a dinner together and had a shoot. The place was beside a highway which flushed our confidence because everybody is strangely staring at us while we strut ourselves into different poses. I felt like wearing something urban and grungy because I've been listening to artists with that genre. Music is like my oxygen. It keeps me breathing and alive.
Brown Beanie. OXYGEN. Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Hair Dye. RAINBOW HEAD. Acid Washed Denim Jacket. THRIFTED. White Basic Tee. FOLDED & HUNG. Black Drop Crotch Pants. OXYGEN.